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Ron Rubin, CLU, ChFC is a founding member of Union Square Financial Partners, LLC and has developed many innovative and trademarked programs for the life insurance industry. Since 1992 he has established strategic partnerships with trust and estate lawyers, accounting firms, business management firms, property and casualty organizations and money managers. Ron has focused on working with wealthy individuals, executives, entertainers, professional athletes and affluent families for over 20 years.

Ron earned a Bachelor of Science in Consumer Economics in 1986 from the University of Delaware and acquired his Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant designation from the American College. Ron began his financial services career in the area of ERISA plans, implementing and maintaining qualified pension plans for business owners, working in conjunction with the client’s accountant in creating these plans. He is certified by both the state of New York and New Jersey to provide continuing education credits to CPA’s for their state credit requirements. Ron is a member of AALU and yearly participant at the Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning.

Ron has appeared as a guest lecturer on estate planning at the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College, Rutgers College, and has appeared as a guest on both television and radio as well as having been published in numerous industry periodicals.  Ron currently serves on the board of directors for Lion Street, Inc., a financial services firm owned by a group of independent, elite life insurance professionals.

Ron lives in Manhattan with his two daughters, Evan and Ella. In his free time Ron coaches soccer for both his daughters’ teams, spends time in the Berkshires with friends and family. Ron can often be found at the gym or running and has completed 7 marathons.


Bachelor of Science, 1986, University of Delaware, Newark,DE

Chartered Life Underwriter, 2001, The American College, Bryn Mawr, PA

Chartered Financial Consultant, 2001, The American College, Bryn Mawr, PA

“My commitment is first to understand each client and their individual circumstances, with the ultimate objective of helping them understand, in simple terms, the outcome of our working together.”


Unique Higher Business Purpose

“I specialize in working with ultra-affluent clients and their team of advisors to create customized solutions. These solutions help maximize the wealth that is transferred as part of a legacy plan, business succession or estate plan.”

Underwriting Advocacy

  • The most crucial component of a policy’s cost is often underwriting, making this an extremely important step in assembling a life insurance portfolio.


  • Independence is pivotal in obtaining a result that produces the best possible advice and solution. Ron operates independently without attachment to any financial product provider or insurance carrier. Ron represents his clients, not financial service companies.

Asking the Right Questions and Listening

  • It is only by listening to clients and their team of advisors that we learn the specifics of their unique situation. Once we understand these specifics the proper game plan can be established.
  • After learning what is important to the client and understanding their objectives, we then begin the process of educating them on appropriate options from the myriad of choices that exist in today’s market.
  • Legacy planning and business succession are extremely important decisions that often involve very complex and sensitive issues.  It is only through a clear understanding of these issues that the proper planning may evolve.


The Option 3, 4 & 5 Difference ™

“The most important part of what I offer to a client is having listened deeply enough to offer options well beyond the obvious.”

  • We are a national practice, with clients in almost all 50 states.
  • We have an active relationship with over 30 CPA firms serving a regular role in the estate planning, wealth transfer, and business succession of their clients.
  • We work with the trust and estate departments of over 20 prominent law firms and are involved in helping design the proper trust owned policies that will coordinate effectively with the attorney’s overall plan for the client.
  • We play a prominent role for 5 of the most successful money managers in the country who rely on us to analyze, maintain, and implement their clients’ life insurance portfolios.
  • Business management firms that handle professional athletes, entertainers, celebrities, and writers have been referring us to their most high profile clients for over 20 years.
  • Life insurance is not a commodity, unfortunately it is often perceived as such and implemented in a less than optimal manner with an inefficient design, all resulting in a poor outcome.



Underwriting directly impacts a policy’s cost and a policy’s effectiveness, as a result this is a crucial component in acquiring coverage.


Client Circumstances

A couple age 64 and 59 with a net worth of $125 million desired life insurance as part of their overall estate plan. Many of the techniques they employed with their attorney were contingent on market performance to effectuate much of their wealth transfer planning. Life insurance was viewed as an excellent tool for diversification due to the fact it is not correlated to their positions in the market.


The husband has diagnosed with a benign brain tumor 12 years ago. While it has not grown, its growth is unpredictable. Should any growth occur, a brain operation would be necessary. The wife has struggled with obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes for 5 years.


Our underwriting consultant identified 3 factors that enabled us to obtain a preferred offer on the husband and a standard offer on the wife. Both people were excellent patients and extremely compliant with their doctor’s instructions. Next, they both did some form of exercise weekly. Finally, both their medical conditions had been stable for over 12 months, allowing the insurance company’s medical underwriter a level of comfort with their future health.


Client Circumstances

A husband and wife, age 81 and 79, have a net worth of $40 million. They have two children, one who is a single parent with some special needs. The client’s estate plan addressed these special needs and the vast differences in the children’s current net worth and corresponding lifestyles.


The husband was diagnosed with leukemia at age 75 and had been undergoing treatment for 6 years. The wife has rheumatoid arthritis for 9 years that limits her mobility.


A call was scheduled between the insurance company’s medical director, my underwriting consultant and the husband’s oncologist. After a in-depth discussion of the oncologist’s interpretation of the prior year’s test results, an offer was obtained on the husband. The wife received an offer of standard, allowing the policy to be a cost effective and useful tool for the client’s planning.


Client Circumstances

A 75 year old man with a net worth of $50 million and a need for $20 million of coverage. The client’s need for insurance was largely driven by a desire for liquidity due to the fact that 75% of his assets were illiquid, consisting of real estate and artwork.


One year prior, the client had a pacemaker installed after 7 years of cardiac monitoring.


After our medical underwriter had a 15 minute telephone call with the client’s cardiologist, a memo of clarification was obtained from this doctor. In the memo a number of concerns were addressed, resulting in a better explanation of the client’s state of health. With his memo, a higher level of comfort was achieved by the carrier’s medical underwriting team and a standard offered was obtained.


“Life insurance is not a commodity, unfortunately it is often perceived as such and implemented in a less than optimal manner with an inefficient design, all resulting in a poor outcome.”


Narrow Focus, Narrow Appeal

“We are not for everybody, but for the right client, we produce a terrific result.”

Ron Rubin, CLU, ChFC
Union Square Financial Partners, LLC
350 Hudson Street- 4th floor
New York, NY 10014
212.488.1866 (t)
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